Enhanced Recovery after Surgery is a multimodal, evidence-based perioperative care pathway developed to improve recovery for patients undergoing major surgery. ERAS elements address key factors that have historically extended a patientís hospital stay such as need for parenteral analgesia and intravenous fluids, lack of mobility, and postoperative complications. Implementing ERAS protocols leads to better patient outcomes, shorter hospital stay, fewer complications, and improved teamwork. The ERAS Society USA Chapter held its founding meeting on Sunday, October 16, 2016 in Washington, DC in the spirit of improving the delivery of healthcare care throughout the care cycle for surgical patients in the United States.

ERAS® USA Mission
Our mission is to improve perioperative care and enhance postoperative recovery through implementation of evidence-based practice, audit, education, and research. Central to this mission is a culture of inclusivity and recognition of the importance of multi-professional and multi-disciplinary collaboration.


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About ERAS®Society
The term ERAS was created in 2001 by a group of academic surgeons who founded an ERAS Study Group. The group, led by Professor Ken Fearon and Professor Olle Ljungqvist, aimed to develop a multimodal surgical care pathway based on literature evidence to improve practice at their respective five centers. During this time, it was discovered physicians were using many traditions and practices that differed from what was considered actual best practice. Focusing on patient recovery led to the term Enhanced Recovery after Surgery or ERAS. In examining their own practices, the founders realized they were more compli-ant with some ERAS elements than others. Establishing a protocol simply wasnít enough to change practice. A common database was developed where all patient data could be entered to monitor compliance. This database audit revealed true practice as opposed to what providers believed was happening. The ability to view patient data from other centers led to a collaborative and transparent relationship to im-prove patient care. The group held regular meetings and by working together, improvements in compliance and patient outcomes occurred. This prompted the group to establish the ERAS Society for Perioperative Care in 2010 and invite other experts to join the Society.

BEVERLY, Mass., July 29, 2019:
ERAS USA Chapter and Pacira BioSciences Launch Collaborative to Implement Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Protocols at Hospitals Across the Country.

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