What is ERAS?
ERAS is short for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. ERAS is a treatment program based on the best available medical science. See guidelines for best care for a series of surgical operations.

Why use ERAS?
Numerous research reports have shown that employing ERAS as opposed to traditional care has marked effects on recovery. In many surgeries, recovery time can be shortened by 30% or more and complication rates after the operation by at least as much.

Who does ERAS?
The following hospitals within the United States have implemented ERAS through the ERAS Society:

There are numerous hospitals and centers outside the Unites States who have been trained by the ERAS Society as well.

What does ERAS look like for the patient?
Review patient information brochures on the ERAS Society website that explain what happens to a patient undergoing an operation under ERAS care.

What makes ERAS work so well?
The protocol items are developed and run by a team of key professionals involved including surgeons, anesthetists, nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists and others, and together they maintain control over the entire patient journey and audit treatment continuously.